Been There, Dump That!

‘Bin There, Dump That’ – TV programme – Screened 17 February 2015

“Total Waste Control Ltd were contacted by Sky in June 2014 who wanted to film Denise going about her job which mainly involves looking at and sampling wastes for disposal. After an initial screen test in the office and a nearby customer, they were quick to ask for more time to film for the observation documentary called ‘Bin there, Dump that’.

Denise was glad of the warm weather as she tried to solve the problem of fuming Nitric acid that couldn’t be transported in the IBC’s that contained it and had to be sampled individually.  Donning her green chemical suit, safety glasses, rigger boots and Hi-viz from the boot of her car, they filmed the whole process.  Also her sister Elaine was interviewed in the office about their working relationship and the charity calendar pictures got an airing!

The finished programme was shown on 17 February 2015 on ‘Sky Watch’ after much publicising with a witty trailer that showed Denise putting her lipstick on in her car and bringing ‘Glam’ to the waste business!  Denise and Elaine gathered with their family and friends at ‘The Riverside’ Chesterfield and watched it on the big screen with a few drinks!”

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elaine james and denise james wearing hi vis jackets