Health & Safety

Total Waste Control Ltd is committed, as a responsible employer, to progressively and systematically improving its health and safety culture.

The company pledges to control its resources and co-operate with as well as expect co-operation from its suppliers. We will effectively communicate with all applicable staff to achieve and improve on these objectives.

We will provide all necessary health and safety information to employees and suppliers to prevent injury, ill health, damage and loss arising from our operations.

In developing our commitment to health and safety, the Company’s primary objectives are to:

Ensure all persons implementing this Health and Safety Policy are committed and trained.

Promote Risk Assessment principles at all levels and implement appropriate management controls to reduce risk to standards in excess of legal requirements.

Maintain the quality of the environment by careful consideration of the activities carried out. 

All employees and suppliers will conduct themselves in a manner that will safeguard their health and safety, that of others and protect their environment.

The company firmly believes in and promotes a Health and Safety Policy programme that fully complies with all associated current legislation and will achieve an ever-increasing standard of excellence in this maturing business sector.

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